A leading sales and marketing company in the personal safety, health, and technology markets, Stealth Technologies' brands have a diverse product offering across multiple sectors. They are sold through a variety of platforms such as broadcast shopping, traditional informercials, retail, and eCommerce. 

801 West Bay Drive
Suite 470
Largo, FL 33770

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An innovative company with a focus on consistent growth and returns.

An innovative past and a bright future

Stealth Technologies, incorporated in 2010 and based in Largo, FL, is a publicly traded company that has a large portfolio of products solving critical issues in the safety, health, and personal protection industries. Stealth products solve problems such as emergency response time, electronic pickpockets and hackers, home intrusions and robberies, and more. With such a diverse product offering, Stealth has prepared for long-term growth for our shareholders. 


Security and Technology only scratch the surface

Stealth Technologies holds significant market share in the safety, health, and personal protection industries. Stealth Technologies develops solutions to common consumer problems in all of these industries through technology. Technological developments have allowed Stealth Technologies to solve problems facing consumers such as safety in the home and on the go, mobile technology charging, poor air quality, and so much more. 


Diverse brands solving problems that matter

Stealth Technologies controls a variety of brands that resonate with consumers. From the popular Help Now Alarm Company’s personal safety products to Zeus Power’s mobile device charging solutions to The Squeezee Soap Filled Scrubber, these brands have been developed to provide long term growth and returns for our shareholders.